Wedding Cut & Color

We are officially two weeks away from our wedding!! I am so excited but to be honest I’m pretty stressed out at the moment. We are at the stage where there’s a lot of little decisions that need to be made as well as making a seating chart (if you’ve never had to make one – you’re extremely lucky!) and I’m such an extremely indecisive person, so it’s been pretty stressful. But I know soon that I will be enjoying my wedding day, marrying the man of my dreams, and then we get to go on our honeymoon!!!!

But since we’re only a couple of weeks away I went and had my wedding cut and color done! My hairstylist lightened up my blonde highlights and toned my roots to make sure that my color blended throughout my hair.

And if you live in the Atlanta area I highly recommend going to J Gold the Salon! They’re so amazing and I’m always blown away at how talented they are with coloring hair! It can be an investment, but is definitely worth every penny!

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