The Perfect Beach Maxi Dress

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress

I am in LOOOOVE with this dress! It’s so beautiful and the little details make it so stylish too! It’s the perfect summer dress and is practically meant to be worn by the water with the blue and white stripes.

It’s a light and breezy dress that won’t make you hot and the buttons down the front of the dress make it perfect for you to control the length of the slit in the dress.It does run a tad long, but that’s nothing a pair of heels or wedges can’t fix!

The cutout is right below the chest area and above the stomach, so don’t worry about your stomach showing. And I will say that if you’re a little top heavy, that the chest area seems to fit tighter than the rest of the dress and wearing a bra can be tricky. So just watch out for that. For reference I’m wearing a size and it fits pretty true to size.

You have to keep an eye out on this dress because once it’s restocked, it sells out pretty fast – and I can definitely see why!

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