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Graphic Tee | Woven Crossbody Purse

T-shirts are my best friend…along with leggings. And that’s exactly what you’ll catch me wearing when I’m at home on the couch watching the new Netflix true crime documentary 😉

So give me a graphic tee that’s also cute and stylish – and I’ll wear that out all summer long! This graphic tee is $35 dollars and I’m currently wearing it as I write this blog post. When you have something that’s not only cute but comfy -that’s when you’ve hit the jackpot! And this tee is exactly that! This tee has a cute little black and white graphic of the French Riviera with some colorful accents on the front. It comes with the tied knot on the front of the shirt but can be untied if you want. I personally love the detail and try to keep it that way when I wear it. I will say that this shirt is a little see through so I would suggest wearing a cami or a good bra underneath.

Pair it with some jean shorts and sandals and you’re good to go! Such an effortless look that you can throw on and doesn’t look like you’ve been binging shows on Netflix for the last few hours 😉

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