The Best Aerie Loungewear

If 2020/2021 were an outfit, it’d loungewear 😉 I feel like I have so many new lounge clothes, but I’m not complaining one bit! And I feel like most of my loungewear or comfy sweaters are all from Aerie – they literally have the comfiest clothes! So I thought it would be fun to round up the Aerie loungewear that I’ve practically been living in!

I’m doing a TRY-ON HAUL over on Instagram stories (will be saved to my Aerie highlight) where I’m giving more in-depth descriptions, sizing, and more!

Aerie Loungewear

This sherpa pullover was one of the top sellers the last couple of months! It literally feels like you’re all snuggled up in a cloud!

Aerie Loungewear

I’ve worn this waffle sweater so many times that I finally decided to get it in a second color! It’s really comfy and it’s so perfect to wear with leggings. Love how oversized it is.

The hoodie version of the waffle sweater above! This one doesn’t fit as oversized, but it’s just as soft!

Love the side slits on this pullover sweater – I think it’s so flattering!

This sweater is definitely a little more ‘dressier, but still perfectly comfy to wear for lounging too!

The holy grail of lounging outfit! This is from their Offline collection and it’s actually a matching set (don’t ask me why I got the sweater and the joggers in 2 different colors lol), so you can get them in the same color to match! And the best part is – they’re both lined with fleece on the inside!

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