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Can y’all believe Christmas is less than a month away?! I’m getting so excited! One of the things I love opening is our stockings on Christmas morning. Stockings get overlooked so much in my opinion but I think it’s one of the more fun things to shop for and fill. Some people fill stockings with fruit, some people fill them with toiletries and nick nacks, and some people fill them with items on the person’s wish list. It’s cool how everyone does it differently and that’s what makes them so unique and fun!

I’ve come up with some ideas for stocking stuffers that I’ve linked below that are all under $20 a piece. Obviously, getting all of these items would be pricey, but getting a few of these items would be great to gift someone without breaking the bank!

First off, aren’t these cable knit stockings gorgeous?! They’re my favorite ones I’ve seen and right now they’re on sale for $22! The detail of the knit is so intricate and beautiful and I love the tassel at the top corner!


Jewelry is a great item to add in a stocking and one of my favorite necklaces to wear on a daily basis is this gold bar necklace. I love how simple and elegant it is and it goes with almost every outfit!

This knit beanie with the fur pompom is the perfect gift because who doesn’t love a good beanie and it’s extremely useful since winter is literally just around the corner!

I recently bought this marbled phone case and I love how cute it is! I paired it with a matching PopSocket color and these two items make a perfect combo!


Beauty products are another great thing to add and if you don’t want to break the bank, you can always buy travel sized versions! My FAVORITE mascara in the whole world comes in travel sized and it’s packaged to look like an ornament for Christmas! It’s so cute! I also bought this travel sized pack of two velvet lipsticks in shades that are perfect for winter along with a beauty blender. I feel like most people are in need of a new one of those all the time, especially if they love doing makeup.

Other great beauty items to put in a stocking are nail polish, hair ties and bobby pins – because who doesn’t need more hair ties and bobby pins?! Those things are always disappearing 😉

I’ve saved the best for last. So the last item isn’t an accessory or beauty product, but it’s something that I love and I promise you will too!!! This candle is one of the best smelling candles I have ever smelled! The scent is something you can burn all year long (it’s not a seasonal scent) and everyone that has ever been around one loves the smell! This is the mini version of the candle and I actually bought my mom the bigger version last year for Christmas and she loves it! If you only want to try one thing on this list, I highly recommend this candle!

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