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Yep, that’s right…I’m sick. I thought I could avoid it this year but alas I find myself next to a trash can filled with tissues. I feel like everyone’s been sick lately either with the flu or a cold. I’ve been fighting an awful cold the past few days but it’s been nice to be at home and rest up. One of my favorite things to drink when I’m sick is a nice cup of tea.  Believe it or not I actually used to not like tea…other than sweet tea (can’t help my southern roots!). But Taylor started making tea before he went to bed every night and eventually I warmed up to it – no pun intended.

I recently found out about the Medicine Ball drink (sometimes referred to as the Cold Buster) that they make at Starbucks and decided to make my own at home. It used to be a part of their secret menu but it was so popular with people who were suffering with colds that they made it part of their regular menu. Many people say that the drink has helped to relieve some of their cold symptoms. Just keep in mind that it won’t cure your cold but it will help!

For me personally, it did actually help my sore throat. Most warm drinks with honey tend to sooth sore throats and it did just that! Not only that but the drink actually tasted really good. I loved the honey/mint/peach flavor combination which made it sweet and refreshing. So next time you’re dealing with a cold, try making this tea!

Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe:

1/2 hot water

1/2 steamed lemonade


1 Teavanna Jade Citrus Mint tea bag (I just used a regular mint flavored tea)

1 Teavanna Peach Tranquility tea bag


1 packet of Honey (about 1 Tablespoon)


Optional: 1 pump of Peppermint


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