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What a busy week it’s been! I feel like I’m still trying to get in the swing of things after our wedding and honeymoon and still I’m constantly busy. But something exciting happened the other day – I got our pictures back from our Rehearsal Dinner! So I thought I’d make a post describing our venue and what the day was like as well as some tips for planning a rehearsal dinner. There are some things that I would highly recommend to do during your rehearsal that I didn’t do, so hopefully this helps out.

So the evening of the Rehearsal Dinner consists of the practice/walk-thru and the actual dinner. We had one hour for our practice and three hours for our dinner. If you want to take pictures of the bridal party, family, couple, etc. before the dinner, then I would suggest having a rehearsal that is an hour and a half long.

Our practice was held at 4:30 pm the evening before our wedding day at the actual wedding venue (since it was right next door to where we were having our dinner) on the back lawn of the Oldfield River Club. It was nice to have it at that time since that was the actual time of our wedding ceremony. So if your wedding is outdoors, I would suggest having your rehearsal at the same time to see what the outdoor elements will be like (ex: where the sun is in the sky at that time – which is important for pictures). At the practice we  had both sides of our immediate family, the wedding party, our officiant (which was Taylor’s dad), and the photographer I hired. My wedding coordinator was also there to make sure everything went smoothly and that we rehearsed everything correctly.

We decided on the correct order the bridesmaids and groomsmen were going to stand and ran through the seating of the grandparents and mothers, the entrance of the groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearer & flower girl, and the bride. Our officiant also summarized what he was going to say as well as the cues from our officiant on when to hand my bouquet to my maid of honor and when to grab our wedding bands to place on each other’s fingers, and the exit once and then we did a full blown practice as if it was the actual ceremony.

I would advise to bring all things that anyone might be carrying to the practice: whatever the ring bearer is holding (whether it be a pillow, box or sign), the flower girl basket and some sort of fake bouquet as a placeholder. Also, remind your maid of honor that once you get up to the aisle that it’s her job to fix your dress, train, and veil to make sure it looks good for pictures and isn’t all tangled up. But if there is one piece of advice I would give – it would be to not skip the practice and do it full out! I’ve been to a wedding where it was obvious they hadn’t practiced and it just seemed unorganized and you definitely don’t want that to be your wedding!

After the practice we all took some group shots and headed next door to the Outfitter’s Center for the dinner. It was the perfect place to hold a rehearsal dinner if you were getting married at the River Club since it was literally a one minute walk away. It had a large screened in porch area where all of the tables were set up for the dinner and a front and back porch that was open. The back porch had an amazing view that over looked the river.



We started the dinner off by welcoming and mingling with our guests and enjoying some drinks. Of course it was my luck that the hottest two days of the week I got married were the day of our rehearsal dinner and our wedding day – go figure! But luckily once the sun started to set it felt pretty good outside. after about thirty minutes of talking with our guests it was time to eat dinner!



For all events at Oldfield, you have to use their catering service for food and beverage. We chose the Lowcountry Boil which was a perfect way to showcase our destination wedding in the low country. The boil consisted of jumbo shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, and onions and peppers. It also came with a second entree option which I loved in case someone couldn’t eat seafood or didn’t like it. We also served bbq pork, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad and a platter of cookies for dessert. We also had an open bar for the dinner that consisted of beer and wine since our crowd definitely loves some alcohol 😉

Towards the end of Dinner our friend, Eliott, gave an incredibly funny toast for us that Taylor and I will always remember. For the rest of the time we enjoyed the rest of the open bar and mingled with our guests until it was time to go. My bridal party rounded up the leftover alcohol from the bar (LOL) and walked back to the houses we were renting out for the weekend and we enjoyed the rest of the night with them until it was time for Taylor and I to part ways.

It was a really fun night! I loved the location, the food and the staff and I would definitely recommend this venue to anyone looking for a place to get married, especially if you live in South Caroline or Georgia.

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