Our Engagement Photos

 Photographer: Simply Sarah

Scrolling through these pictures brings a smile to my face! Although the day we took our pictures was a little hectic, I’m so happy the pictures turned out great!

I had ordered a white dress to wear to our engagement pictures from Rent the Runway and had made it to where they would be delivered to my parent’s house. Their house was on the way to where we were taking our pictures and I was just going to swing by and pick up the dress on the way.  When I got to my parents’ house a couple of hours before we were supposed to take pictures, the dress that I had ordered wasn’t there. Turns out that the person who had the dress before me either ruined it or didn’t return it back in time so Rent the Runway sent me other options, but none of them were going to work for our pictures. I was pretty sad about it, but I’m just happy that I had gone to Nordstrom earlier that week oh a whim and bought another dress as a backup which actually ended up being the one I wore. Taylor also forgot his sport coat back at home and didn’t realize it until we got out of the car to take pictures. And on top of all of that we were a little late getting to the location because of Memorial Day weekend traffic, so we didn’t have time to change into our second outfits because the sun was setting fast.

Although some things definitely didn’t go according to plan, I’m so happy that we have these wonderful pictures to look back on!

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