Our Custom Watercolor Wedding Crest

Artist: Arabella June

It’s Wedding Wednesday on the blog and even though our wedding was a couple of months ago as of tomorrow (wow time has flown!) I still love sharing details about our most special day.

One of my favorite details about our wedding was our custom watercolor wedding crest that we had designed for us. We found the artist through Instagram and contacted her through her website. She asked us some questions about our wedding colors, the type of flowers we were going to use and the story of our relationship. From there she helps to pick out some elements in your life and wedding that can be used in your crest to perfectly represent your relationship and wedding day.

For our crest she used our wedding colors, flowers, our first initials and wedding date. And since we met in Athens, Georgia while I was going to UGA, we incorporated the arch (what’s surrounding our initials) into our crest which is one of the main symbols of the college town we met in.

Now, you definitely don’t have to have a wedding crest made for your wedding, but it is a unique detail to include in your celebration. It’s also a cool way to brand things related to your wedding.

We used the crest on our wedding invitations, programs, wedding signage, stickers for our welcome bags, table numbers, and we even had a custom sticker made of it to put on the cornhole boards we put out. The sky is the limit to what you can use your wedding crest for!


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