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Hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving week! Now that it’s done…on to the holidays! The day after Thanksgiving we immediately decorated our Christmas tree and now I’m really getting into the holiday spirit!

This was the first year where Taylor and I got a “non-college” Christmas tree and decided to invest in a really nice one that will last us for years. So then we had to do some research. We knew we both wanted a fake pre-lit tree but then we considered on getting one that was flocked. In case you’ve never heard of a “flocked” Christmas tree (like I hadn’t up until this year), it just means that there’s fake snow on the tree branches. We decided on this 7.5 foot pre-lit flocked tree from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was for sure an investment, but the great thing about purchasing from this store is that you can always use a 20% off coupon 😉

I will say that not only does it come flocked, but it also came with glitter all over the branches and it didn’t mention the glitter in the description online. When we were first unpacking it from the box, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about having a tree with glitter on it, but now that the tree is fully decorated it doesn’t stand out as much and it does add a nice little sparkle when the lights are on at night. I actually really like it!

We then decided that we wanted our tree to have a specific color scheme. Now, I had never had a color schemed/themed tree before but I thought that it would look really nice if it matched the neutral colors in our living room. So we decided on this faux fur tree skirt, one set of gold glitter picks with pearls, two sets of the french country ornament sets (one crackle and one ombre), and these two ribbons to decorate our tree with (champagne glitter & metallic faux linen).  (Pro tip: pick two different types of ribbons to create some dimension in your tree)

Faux Fur Tree Skirt


Gold Glitter Pick with Pearls


French Country Ornament Set (Left: Ombre & Right: Crackle)


Ribbon – Left: Champagne Glitter & Right: Metallic Faux Linen


Once it was fully decorated, it really was a beautiful looking tree! I had never decorated a tree with ribbon before, so I had to watch some youtube tutorials on it first, but it really does add a lot to your tree. I don’t think I will ever not add ribbon anymore.

We added this star tree topper and ordered these cable knit stockings – and aren’t these just the cutest?! I only ordered two but I feel like I need to order a couple more!

I’m so happy with how everything turned out and I can’t wait to look and admire our tree all season long!

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