Orange Tees and Purple Frappuccinos

Outfit Details: $15 Mock Neck Tee | Jeans

Happy Halloween Eve! This past weekend I tried Starbucks’ Halloween Frappuccino: Witches Brew…and let me tell ya….it was something alright. (See pictures below for before and after). The taste wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t what you would expect coming from a purple colored drink since it pretty much tasted like orange sherbet shockingly. Very clever Starbucks…pulling a ‘trick’ over on us instead of a ‘treat’ …I see what you did there 😉 I’ll also admit I didn’t drink enough to get to the chia seeds part, but I bet that would also be “interesting.” I’ll stick with my double chocolate chip frappuccinos, thank you!

I got this mock neck tee last week and it’s a perfect basic top to have! It’ll also be a perfect layering piece for when it gets colder outside to wear with some cardigans and jackets since it is made out of a thin fabric. It is short in length so if you have a long torso, I’d suggest sizing up. I’m wearing my usual size small for reference and it hits near the top of my hips. It comes in a four colors including the tan color I’m wearing (which is closer to orange) and it’s currently on sale for $15!

Also, I was today years old when I realized orange “sherbet” wasn’t spelt like “sherbert” and we’ve been pronouncing it wrong our entire lives!!!! Still can’t get over this one…



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