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This past week I went and got a haircut and color, and boy did I need it! I had gone….8 months without a cut. I swear, I didn’t even mean to go that long, but the holidays came around and I got pretty busy. Needless to say, I feel like a new person! My hair looks so much healthier.

My stylist added a hair toner for the darker part of my hair and spruced up my balayage by adding blonde/lighter tones. She also cut off a couple of inches and gave me long layers throughout my hair as well as around my face.

I used to be the kind of person that never wanted to cut off my hair – even for a trim. Probably because I’ve had stylists that cut off inches when I only asked for a trim.

Fast-forward to today and I always tell the stylist to cut off a couple inches. It’s probably because I’ve gotten tired of keeping up with long hair. It’s ironic though because growing up I used to always want long hair. I remember watching the Disney Channel when I was younger and I always wanted my hair to look like Miley Cyrus’ (LOL).

I do love having long hair, but I’m so ready for a change. It takes a long time for me to comb through my hair because it gets tangly SOOOO easily. The best thing I ever purchased for my hair was the Detangling Brush. It’s seriously a life saver.

I am keeping my hair long for our wedding though, which is coming up in a few months, but after that it’s so long to long hair! Is it bad I’m more excited for my first haircut after the wedding than the haircut I’ll be getting right before?

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