Mykonos Travel Guide

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I’m so excited to finally share more of our trip to Greece from our Honeymoon! Mykonos was our last stop before we traveled back to Athens to head home. And it was so charming and quaint compared to Santorini, at least during the day 😉 Mykonos is known for it’s white washed buildings and it’s unique charm, but it’s even more known for it’s clubs and beach parties. Whether you’re there to get lost wandering the streets of Mykonos or want to enjoy the nightlife, Mykonos has something for everyone!

Tip: On our trip we spent two days in Mykonos. I recommend staying 3 days or so if you’re able to since there were some things we weren’t able to squeeze in.

This guide is split into four parts: Where we stayed, How we got around, What we did & Where we ate

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Cavo Tagoo hotel which is definitely a more high-end and modern hotel. Since it was our honeymoon we thought we’d stay in nicer places than we normally do since it was a special occasion. The hotel was located near the ocean so most rooms had a gorgeous view. It also isn’t located exactly in the heart of Mykonos Town but it was just a quick 2 minute ride away!

Because our hotel was undergoing some construction work that was supposed to be finished up by the time we got there, they upgraded us to the Gold Room suite. Which was definitely fine by me! Y’all. That room was the fanciest room I have ever stayed in in my whole entire life! The room had two bedrooms that each had a bathtub/jacuzzi and we had our own private infinity pool and outdoor hot tub. I told Taylor we had to take it all in while we could cause we probably would never be able to stay there again haha. They also had an amazing breakfast buffet which you could also get ordered to your room. I literally still dream about their breakfast.

The customer service was so great as well! They answered all of our questions and helped us out with anything we needed. I highly recommend staying here if you’re looking to splurge and treat yourself!

How We Got Around

From Santorini to Mykonos we took a high speed ferry since plane tickets were more expensive. I definitely recommend the ferry if you’re wanting to save some money and the trip from Santorini to Mykonos was only 2 hours – which we spent napping!

Our hotel arranged to pick us up at the ferry dock and take us back to the hotel. They also provided the transportation to the  airport at the end of our trip. I highly recommend checking to see if your hotel provides this because it’s so much easier.

Our hotel also had a shuttle service that would take us into town (which was only a 2 minute drive) because walking along the busy street into town was a little risky since there isn’t a sidewalk…and well, Greece has some crazy drivers.

Any travel that took us outside of Mykonos town, we used the bus for. It’s really cheap and the trip we took didn’t last long at all.

What We Did

  • Explore Mykonos Town

Most of the time we spent wandering up and down the narrow streets of Mykonos Town where you’re surrounded by little shops and restaurants. All of the buildings are white with accents of red and blue – it’s so beautiful and picturesque! I literally felt like I was taking a picture every 5 minutes (sorry Taylor). It’s a perfect walking town to explore!

Believe it or not Mykonos is also home to some craft beer – so if you’re a beer lover I would definitely check out their brewery. We unfortunately didn’t have any time to, but we did have a couple of their beers which we enjoyed!

  • Visit the iconic windmills

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Mykonos has a total of 16 windmills and 5 are located on the southern part of town. I recommend watching the sunset from here!

  • Experience the nightlife

Mykonos is well known for it’s clubs and nightlife. It’s called the Ibiza of Greece and it’s nightlife and beach parties are actually what make this island so popular, especially with the younger crowd. To be completely honest we walked around some at night but we never actually stepped foot inside a club. We were so exhausted from traveling since this was the end of our trip, but I hear it’s

  • Take a Day Trip to Platis Gialos Beach

Since our hotel couldn’t take us, we went into town and caught the bus over to Platis Gialos Beach! I don’t remember exactly how long the bus ride was but I don’t remember it being much more than 20 minutes or so.

We spent most of our last day here and we were able to rent chairs by the ocean and relax and enjoy a good book. We also ate lunch and dinner at the restaurants along the coast so it can definitely be an all day trip.

Where We Ate



This little restaurant is located along the coast of Mykonos town. This place was actually my favorite meal we had in Mykonos. It wasn’t the nicest place we ate at, but the food was delicious and that’s all that matters to me! This restaurant is more about serving multiple dishes that can be shared, so that’s exactly what we did. We ordered the spicy feta cheese dip, pork bites and the octopus bites in vinegar. All three were amazing but I have to say the octopus bites in vinegar was my favorite!

Avli Tou Thodori


This is where we ate for lunch in Platis Gialos Beach and it was located along the coast with a great view of the ocean. I ordered the grilled sea bass with potatoes and Taylor got the stuffed chicken with pasta. Both were very tasty! We finished the meal by ordering the donut holes served with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate dipping sauce. We were also given a complimentary pastry as well, so we were definitely stuffed!

Blue Myth

We ate here for dinner while we were in Platis Gialos and it was also located along the coast – steps away from the chairs we had rented and literally right next door to Avli Tou Thodori. Because we were still so full from the feast we had at lunch, Taylor and I decided to share the Yialo Yialo pizza. The pizza was good but I guess I expected a little more. We ordered the strawberry cheesecake for dessert and that definitely made up for the pizza. It is mouth watering good. Definitely my favorite dessert I had the whole trip – maybe the best dessert I’ve had in recent memory. Order it if you go – you won’t regret it!


We ate here for lunch before we left for the airport on our last day. It’s located in Mykonos town and kind of near Captain’s. We ordered the Rigatoni Bolognese and the Moussaka. Both were good dishes but we personally enjoyed Captain’s more.

I really enjoyed my time in Mykonos and hope that I can travel back there one day!


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