Holiday Pajamas

Holiday pajamas are one of my favorite things about this time of year. Over the past couple of years I’ve started a little collection and I wanted to share a few different styles with y’all along with some matching family pajamas.

In past years, by the time I get around to buying pajamas, everything is usually always sold out! But I was ahead of the game this year! And everything below is fully in stock!

Style 1: Flannel Set

These flannel pajama sets are so classic! They are made out of cotton and lightweight. $30 for the set!

Holiday Pajamas
Wearing a Medium in the joggers and a Small in the top

You can also get the plaid pattern in joggers! They’re super comfy and lightweight – great lounge pants. And the best part is that they have pockets!!! And my thermal henley tee is under $10.

Style 2: Thermal Set

Probably my favorite style to wear. Although they look form fitting, they’re super stretchy! I got 2 pairs last year (which I wore the heck out of) and a new pair this year! The set is $25 and would make a great gift!

Style 3: Henley Set

Holiday Pajamas
Wearing a Small

This was my first time purchasing this style and I was really surprised at how soft it was! The pants are made out of fleece – so they’re a little fuzzy and will definitely keep you warm on chilly nights. The set is $25.

Matching Family Pajamas

Holiday Pajamas
These run big – Me: Small, Taylor: Medium, Fitz: Medium

We finally have a matching pajama set with Fitz! I love that they made a version for our pets to wear too (it’s one piece). These do run big as an fyi. We bought both a Small and a Medium for Fitz since we weren’t sure what size to go with (he’s around 15 lbs), but the small was definitely way too tight on him. The medium does fit a little big, but it was a much better fit overall. The sets range from $10 – $30.

Be sure to check out my holiday gift guides here! Thank you for reading!

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