Fitz Turns 1

Dog Birthday

Our fur baby is 1 – I can’t believe it!!! We don’t know Fitz’ exact birthday since he was rescued, but last year we guesstimated it was June 1st so we stuck with that. And before you go any further, yes, I am that dog mom – putting together a dog birthday party. This is a judgement free zone for all pet lovers 😉 We love Fitz and so we wanted to celebrate his special day!

I would’ve loved to have made it an excuse to get together with our friends where they could bring their dogs as well, but that didn’t feel like the smartest move right now – so we stuck to an at home celebration with just us. We got him grilled nuggets from CFA for dinner, made him a dog friendly birthday cake and gave him some new toys!

I’m listing out the items we used below in case you want to celebrate your dog’s birthday as well!

I’m also adding a few additional items below that would be great if you are throwing a dog birthday party!

Dog Birthday

Every item in the above photo can also be found here!

Fitz brings so much joy and happiness into our lives – we love him so much! He truly is part of the family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re interested in adopting a dog and you’re local to the Atlanta area, I highly suggest looking at Releash Atlanta! That’s where we adopted Fitz from and we had such an amazing experience. They are such a great organization and always go the extra mile to care for & rescue dogs. They have hearts of gold!

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