First Look vs No First Look?

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I can’t believe we are less than two months away from our wedding!!! I’m so excited but also pretty stressed. These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy with wedding planning so I’m really looking forward to actually being able to enjoy our wedding day soon.

The photography portion of our wedding has been a big topic lately since we’ve been nailing down our must-have list of photos we want taken. We were discussing our wedding timeline and our photographer had asked us if we wanted to do a first look. And if you’re not familiar with a first look, it’s when the bride and groom see each other for the first time all dressed up but it usually takes place before the ceremony starts.

I’ve always thought about how I wanted my husband to see me for the first time in my dress as I walked down the aisle towards him – so I was never a big fan of first looks. I always wanted that classic picture you see of the groom’s reaction when he saw his bride walking towards him at the alter. But my photographer began to explain to me the reasoning behind why so many people do first looks.

She told me that it’s a more intimate moment between the bride and the groom and it’s when you can really focus on each other. I know that I would probably be a nervous wreck before I walked down the aisle and that I would constantly be thinking about not tripping the whole time. She also told me that you’re able to capture more intimate photos as well as having more time to take the bride and groom shots.  She reminded me that if we didn’t want to do a first look that we would have less time to take pictures together since we would be trying to squeeze in all of the family and friend pictures during the cocktail hour as well.

I honestly love both options now, but in our case I think it makes more sense logistically to have a first look. That way we can capture more pictures of just the two of us.

Did you have a first look? Let me know in the comments below if you had one or if you prefer one option over the other – I’m curious to know your thoughts!

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