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Hello lovelies! We’ve been spending a lot of time at the movies lately – especially since we’ve gotten MoviePass. It’s truly brought me back to going to the movies more regularly and I love that it’s now a weekly date night that I get to have with my husband.

One of my fondest memories of going to the movies growing up is my mom sneaking in snacks into the theater through her purse and buying the drinks inside. Did your parents ever do this?! Well, when I wore this purse to the movies, that’s exactly what I thought of! Lol

This purse is so big and so cute! It’s perfect for carrying anything you could ever need. It’s perfect to wear to work and carry your laptop in too – it’s can fit a ton. It’s made out of faux leather and is reversible. It comes in a couple of different color combinations but mine is a dark brown/black color combo. Sadly, at the moment I’m writing this post my exact purse is sold out, but I’m linking a very similar tote.

It even comes with a little zipper pouch with an insert for the bottom of the tote to hold it’s shape. I will say that when you first take it out of the packaging it does have a weird smell to it, but it goes away in a few uses.

It’s so well made and sturdy that I can’t believe it’s only $50! It’s honestly a steal!


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